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Here's How It Works

* We have an amazing program where you can make a difference and make a living! We're looking for students, single moms, people out of work, or anyone that needs to make some extra money! You can work part-time full-time, anytime! 

* Here's how it works! You buy 3 boxes of our Delicious Gano Excel classic coffees for only $51.

* Your purchase has just fed 12 meals to 12 needy children! Congratulations and thank you! In your 3 boxes, there's 90 packets of coffee. Separate your 90 packets into threes... which we call our 3 packs! 

* Then we go door-to-door; we set up in front of retail stores like Walmart, super markets, wherever there's people, and ask everyone to support our Nationwide goal to feed 1 million needy children every month... Every time someone purchases our 3 packs of our coffees it helps us feed children in need through our partners, the Los Angeles Regional food bank, the Children's Hunger Fund; and other organizations we've partnered up with!

* We ask each person for only $10 for one of our 3 packs of our delicious premium organic coffees. On average of going door-to-door or setting up in front of the different retail stores, people are earning from $50 to $100 per hour! Getting paid everyday! 

* Then go and repeat the same thing and purchase some more coffee and continue to help us feed 1 Million needy children a month and you get paid everyday! We'll even show you how to build your own team and make a residual income from your teams production... 

* Please get back to the person who shared this information with you; get all your questions answered and let us be the first to welcome you to our Coffee Feeding Kids family!

*Now Accepting Applications*